Store Policies
Return Policy:
1. CD's must be unopened, or defective.
2. All other merchandise must be unused, returned it the original package and fit for resale.
3. Some merchandise is subject to a 20% restocking fee, unless defective.

Shipping Policy:

Please allow ten-fourteen days for deliveries inside the U.S.
*International orders are welcomed. Please email me for shipping costs:

I wish to explain how shipping works on this website. Most websites charge an outrageous amount for shipping. It is my fervent desire to only charge you what it costs me to ship the item(s) to you. Since I use USPS for most of my domestic shipping (parcel post, priority mail, and express mail), I have used their rubric ( to configure the postage cost – with an ever so small markup for the envelope/box, etc.

This website has been organized to organize shipping costs according to weight, and weight only. The shipping costs (that are automatically added when you go to the checkout) reflect how much it would cost to ship the merchandise to you.

Now, shipping gets a bit more complicated once you start combining multiple items into one shipment. USPS varies their shipping prices according to weight and bulk. The website only knows how to add the shipping cost based on cumulative weight. The website does not understand the complexities of domestic and international shipping: when it is cheaper to ship according to bulk (a certain sized package) over weight. It is conceivable to safely pack an order to fit in a certain sized package as to decrease the overall cost. When this is possible, I will do so.

This is my promise: I will make every effort to minimize your shipping cost. Once you have completed an order - I will figure out the safest and cheapest way to ship your merchandise according to your shipping preference. Consequently, I will often deduct and refund a portion of your shipping costs back to you if there is a cheaper way to package your merchandise for shipping.

It is my hope that once you order products from me and realize that this site offers the most competitive market price - without gouging you with surprise shipping costs - you will continue doing business with me.

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